My Unforgettable Ram in the Bush

Jimmy Mosley April 10, 2019

Second chances are prized opportunities—blessings in disguise that rescue us during crucial times

My Unforgettable Ram in the Bush

Times were tough when I was growing up on a plantation in Southern Mississippi. My six siblings and I were raised by a single mother who was the strongest and most hardworking woman I ever knew. Being born into poverty, we had to work at a young age, as young as eight years old.

Looking back on all those years growing up in the cotton plantation, I relive happy and fun memories, despite the poverty. My mom instilled in us to put our faith in God and trust in God no matter what.

Despite the hardships and struggles, God provided for all our real needs. We may not have had fancy meals like steaks, but we never missed a meal. There was plenty of preserved salted pork; everywhere there was food—trees weighed down by fruit, berries, chickens, eggs, and rabbits everywhere. Later, we received cheese, powdered milk, used clothes, all state-issued. God supplied all these for us.

Although we were less privileged, mom’s homemade remedies for our injuries and sickness always worked. I believe our strong immune systems were God’s grace showered upon us.

Good health and sufficient food supply at the cotton plantation were blessings in disguise even if we were poor.

From childhood to adulthood, from the outhouse to the White House, I know that God has blessed me and my family many times.

But if there is one “Ram in the Bush” moment that, to me, was unforgettable, it was the time when I just joined the US Army as an enlisted personnel.  I was detained for a misdemeanor because I drank too much Mad Dog while having fun at the enlisted men’s club.  I thought that was the end of my military career. After going through the process of reporting and explaining to my commanding officer, I was surprised that he ordered me to return to my barracks and never appear before his desk again. That meant I was released from all forms of UCMJ.

If not for my commanding officer who gave me a second chance, my military career would not have soared and taken me on a journey for more than twenty years. It was the most gratifying job. Who would have thought that this little black boy from a cotton plantation in the south would be able to serve at the White House?

Moving on, I had a second career that allowed me to teach JROTC while still wearing my military uniform.

Looking back, all through my life, I understand that all this was a gift from God and how He moved me through each rung of the ladder.

With faith and trust in God always, He will always provide especially in very difficult situations.
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