Why should everyone inspire students to have faith?

Jimmy Mosley July 17, 2019

Having faith as student – Reviewing the importance

inspire students to have faith

There’re some people who don’t trust things that cannot be seen by them. They often explain things only through causes and effects. As a result, they fail to find those small miracles in life that happen and work in their favor on a constant basis. It’s only complete faith that can help one live his or her life to the fullest.

One may ask “what’s the actual need to inspire students to have faith?” Isn’t it just a notion that people hold onto in difficult times? The answer is “no”. Faith is constant and helps to get people through, illuminating the pathway in dark times. And this can be learned from the life of Jimmy Mosley.

They were among the poor families living in southern Mississippi, working on the plantations. There, he experienced different types of life-changing times of darkness but didn’t miss having faith as a student. Complete trust in God was deep-rooted in him, thanks to his mother’s efforts. For example, she explained adverse weather conditions as the act of God and suggested her children not to create disturbances during God’s work. Because of having trust in God and positive determination as a student, Jimmy never felt like having problems with his upbringing. According to him, it was God who took care of their every need. As a result of his trust, Jimmy is a proud veteran today, who spent 40 years wearing the military uniform.

Student life is the most precious part of life and the things one learns during this time provide strength to him/her in times of weakness, and faith is one of them. And that’s why it’s immensely crucial to inspire students to have faith.


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