Humanity is not based on different ethnicities

Jimmy Mosley July 24, 2019

Why humanity should never be based on different races?

different ethnicities

While different ethnicities do exist, they aren’t any different from the species called humans. It’s also true that race may not be a part of biology, but racism can surely affect human’s biology, the society, and above all, humanity.

Even though human’s DNA is similar, they look very different from each other. But it doesn’t always work well to use the traits to guess a person’s race. The way people are categorized into different ethnicities may change over time.

People often believe that everyone is inherently limited based on his or her birth into a unique genetic group, which is one of the major problems with biological races. However, despite all the categorization people often do to themselves, there can be a couple of steps to be taken in order to find a lasting solution. First of all, one who belongs to a certain ethnic race should stop distinguishing others based on biological differences. It’s important to solidify the belief that there’s only one classification called humans. All a person needs to do is accept this reality and biological race problems will get eliminated automatically.

Given the burdens and harm of race belief present in today’s world, this bridge should have been crossed by everyone long ago. However, it’s never too late to revisit the inner soul and to strengthen unity in order to create a better world.

And for those, who experienced racism at some point in their life like Jimmy Mosley, determination can help to a great extent. After all, it was Jimmy who made the perpetrators believe that nothing can obstruct him from attaining his goals.



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