How I managed to inspire students to have faith

Jimmy Mosley July 31, 2019

Key ways to inspire students to have faith

inspire students to have faith

What does it actually mean to have faithful students? Does it mean they’ll be able to figure out everything on their own? It means they’ll be empowered with their inner wisdom and will be able to deal with challenges. It develops resilience in them together with a sense of capability as students learn how much they can actually handle, and finally have positive determination as student.

It isn’t possible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6), says the Bible. When people have faith, even mountains can be moved. For true believers, things may look bad sometimes, but God will turn them for good.

Though having faith as student is crucial, unfortunately, many students often end up drifting away from true faith when they become adults. To avoid this, they should be helped to discern between placing their trust in God and in something lesser like their desires or their instincts. Proper encouragement is the key to inspire students to have faith.

A perfect example can be taken from Jimmy Mosley’s life. When Jimmy was introduced to teaching after serving the military for 20 years, he found himself in an entirely new environment. In his book “Outhouse to Whitehouse”, readers can learn about one of his students “Ray” who used to come to school to disturb others instead of learning. Jimmy gave him the responsibility of monitoring the class and he transformed into a respectable young man. Jimmy, with his fellow instructors, took the initiative of starting each school day with Bible study – one of the key ways to inspire students to have faith and become closer to God.



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