Twists of faith and the role of motivation and perseverance

Jimmy Mosley August 7, 2019

Reviewing the importance to keep striving

Twists of faith and the role of motivation and perseverance

It’s easy to give up faith as people go. Often, things can get extremely discouraging. From rejections to adverse situations to life-changing occurrences – a lot of things that can propel one to lose faith. But does it mean one shouldn’t keep striving? The answer is a strict “no”.

Twists of faith is more likely to work for them who never lose hope and put their best foot forward, regardless of how adverse a situation is. It’s important to note that nobody knows the future and that’s true when one is trying to make a dream happen. There’s no way he or she can know whether it’ll work or not. But efforts developed on the basis of motivation and perseverance increase the probability of success to a great extent.

Twists of faith heavily depend on keeping the faith alive by maintaining positive mindsets. A mind filled with positive thoughts can do amazing things when it comes to attaining success. In the life of Jimmy Mosley, it can be seen that though he had a difficult childhood filled with abuse, extreme poverty and other negativities, he never gave up hope. He decided to keep believing in God and learning from his situation as much as was possible. And that reflects in what he is today – a true believer in God, and a proud veteran who spent 40 years wearing the military uniform, and even served at the nation’s capital.

Regardless of the nature of one’s journey, it’s crucial to maintain faith on the road to success.



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