Tale of a single parent’s wisdom

Jimmy Mosley August 14, 2019

Wisdom for single mothers – Key things you always wanted to know

Tale of a single parent’s wisdom

Everyone knows that parents need to work together to ensure a good future for their children. But what happens when a single parent (mother) has no other person to depend upon? This may be the situation of millions of single parent mothers, but it doesn’t ensure a gloomy future for their children. This post is aimed at sharing a single parent’s wisdom together with a couple of strategies for raising good children.

From Jimmy Mosley’s book “Outhouse to Whitehouse,” it can be learned how his single parent mother did her best to raise her children. During the adverse weather conditions, for example, she would always tell the kids to sit still and remain silent to not disturb God when He was doing His work. Similar to what was done by Jimmy’s mother, parenting wisdom for single parents should always start with solidifying complete trust in God.

In the book, it can also be seen that his mother always had some kind of homemade remedy for the common ailments, and they did work. The lady would visit the town to receive a box of state-issued food after waiting for long in the line to ensure that her children would never get to miss a meal anyway.

When it comes to sharing wisdom for single mothers, proper rules have to be in place as that would make the children disciplined. Jimmy’s mother made it the number one rule to mandatorily visit the church, which again strengthened the trust in God among her children.

A single parent’s wisdom should always encircle two things – concentrating on the positive things and maintaining complete faith in God.

Anyone who’s able to follow these words of wisdom for single parents should be able to avert potential problems and give the kids the brightest possible future.



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