How to accept change wholeheartedly

Jimmy Mosley August 21, 2019

Reviewing ways of accepting change gracefully

How to accept change wholeheartedly

People don’t want to change because they don’t want to leave the comfort to which they’ve become highly accustomed. From the fear of failing to that of uncertainty – reasons behind this may vary a lot. When it comes to accepting change wholeheartedly, one’s mind gets flooded with a lot of thoughts that prevent him or her from embracing change. So, what can be done to create a healthy atmosphere while accepting change gracefully?

Here’re the two most useful tips that anyone can implement to make space for change.

Flowing with the wind

It’s probably the simplest way of survival. Trees that bend down against the tempest usually survive while those that strive to stand erect often get uprooted. One cannot change the world alone, and if he/she fails to adjust himself/herself, it becomes difficult for him or her to sustain. So, changing one’s viewpoint first is crucial to accept change.

Accepting the inevitable

There’re certain things that are beyond anybody’s control. Like one can’t control the weather, there’re lots of things in a person’s life that cannot be changed etc. Complaining about them will never change the scenario. Rather, one must try accepting the beauty of change instead.

This can also be learned from the life of Jimmy Mosley, who did have a childhood filled with poverty and abuse but never had any personal problem with them because he learned decided to accept change wholeheartedly. He kept complete faith in God, who had provided them with all their real needs.


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