How to maximize the power of true commitment?

Jimmy Mosley August 28, 2019

Commitment – Key steps to stay true to it

How to maximize the power of true commitment?

True commitment is often ignored by people. In today’s modern society, people often tend to take the shortcuts to achieve something. With so much available right at their fingertips, they’re often programmed to take the easy and quick path to attain their goals. However, proper commitment can be considered as one’s essential desire or mission of the person’s soul. It’s important to note that a commitment without the presence of inner desire isn’t a true one. It’s a shell without any meaning. Here’re two major steps that can be taken to stay actually committed.


Being accountable not only clearly expresses one’s commitment but also helps an impartial observer judge the person’s activities. When clear intentions are declared to achieve something, one feels inspired to stay focused on a particular task to not to disappoint himself/herself as well as others. An example can be taken from Jimmy Mosley’s life. Jimmy spent his childhood in southern Mississippi battling racism and extreme poverty but always stayed truly committed to God. The same thing also gets reflected in his prolonged years of marriage life. While Jimmy’s wife is a committed spouse, who happily adjusted with his twenty-plus years of military lifestyle, he too played his role well, and demonstrated true commitment to his family and to the Almighty.

Passionate desire

Some people get to attain their goals while some others often give up when the path becomes difficult. Undeniably, successful people experience failures and setbacks like everyone else, but what sets them apart from the crowd is their continuous ability to learn from their mistakes, which can be only achieved by unleashing the power of true commitment.


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