Why one needs to set goals as high as the sky?

Jimmy Mosley September 4, 2019

Reviewing key necessities of setting yourself high goals

Why one needs to set goals as high as the sky?

There’s a common phenomenon that comes with working without having goals. One starts working and keeps on doing it for some time, and then motivation begins to wane. Having goals that one can visualize and focus on helps the person to better connect with his/her inner desires, and gives him/her the requisite motivational energy. Now, there’s a common phase that says setting yourself high goals is crucial to attain success. But why do people say so? Here’re the key reasons for which one should always think of reaching the sky.

It encourages one to go that extra mile

Success is heavily dependent on one’s capacity to believe. If a person is placed in a situation, which forces him/her to draw on dormant potential, his/her performance will accordingly change. And that’s the key reason one should always aim high. It’ll deliberately pull the person out of his or her comfort zone and encourage climbing bigger heights of success.

It helps one to achieve more

Setting goals that one can attain in the blink of an eye can never result in extraordinary outcomes. They’ll probably be nothing more than what one expected. On the contrary, an actually big goal drives one to attain things that may seem impossible.

People often advise dreamers to get back to reality to avoid failure. But in reality, failure is instructive and it unleashes creativity. That’s why one should always set the goals higher and keep on trying.

One thing that can be learned from the life of Jimmy Mosley is that he reached the desired heights in life because he had bigger dreams that propelled him to move out of southern Mississippi and work at the nation’s capital.



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