Why it’s important to overcome barriers in life

Jimmy Mosley September 11, 2019

Overcoming obstacles – Reviewing key importance

Why it’s important to overcome barriers in life

It’s always difficult to cope with barriers in life but they often act as triggers for one to keep trying. When one is facing problems consistently in his or her life, the self-esteem starts to erode. But when one decides to move forward from a hopeless and negative situation, and to overcome barriers in his/her life, a step forward to success is made.  Suffering should be considered as a major step that triggers awakening into reality as nothing comes without a cost in life.

An example of this can be taken from the life of Jimmy Mosley, who spent 40 years wearing the military uniform and is a proud veteran today. During his childhood in the southern Mississippi, Jimmy experienced many adversities in life. From growing up without a father to living in a shotgun house – life wasn’t at all easy for him. They didn’t have any luxury but the family found enjoyment and laughter throughout all those sacrifices and struggles. It was Jimmy’s abilities to overcome barriers that shaped him into the person he is today. He learned as much as he could from his life in the plantation. As a result, he feels extremely proud today to have a happy life.

To sum it up, barriers are experienced by everyone but they can offer a reason to ponder the direction your life takes. Perseverance, determination, motivation and belief in self and own abilities are the key factors that help in overcoming obstacles. The ultimate reward is always far greater than succumbing or giving up.


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