Hard work is a thing of the past, says the author of Outhouse to Whitehouse

Jimmy Mosley June 19, 2019

You’ve to do more than hard work to succeed, says the author of Outhouse

Culture may have taught people to only reverence hard work, but in today’s context, it may fall short. For example, if someone’s working for a fixed salary, he or she won’t see economic benefits from pouring his/her energy into the job. The boss may be grateful for all the extr . . .

Being black in nation’s capital and serving wasn’t easy

Jimmy Mosley June 12, 2019

Being black wasn’t easy, neither is it now

In the US, almost every black person has encountered disrespect to at least some extent on the basis of his/her skin color. While the country purports to be open and a believer of equal opportunities, such outcomes leave black people doubtful. This saga has been continuing from the earlier days and being black wa . . .

Why a missing black father is missing from his kids’ lives

Jimmy Mosley June 5, 2019

Black fathers are missing out on their children’s lives – Key reasons revealed

There’s a persistent myth that says black fathers are missing out on their kids’ lives. While this narrative may give people an idea about the complex lives of black men, the reality of some black males need to be understood to get to the true reasons behind this m . . .

Where to find hope for children with no father in their lives

Jimmy Mosley May 29, 2019

Child without father – Demystifying the hard truth

The popular belief says that a child without father is more likely to grow up in a haphazardous manner. They often tend to depend on welfare, become homeless, develop different kinds of psychological issues etc. But, though very rare especially in poor families, it has been proven possible by the mother t . . .

Why old time values are forever

Jimmy Mosley May 22, 2019

Why you must not forget old school values ever


Old school morals and values helps one connect to the group of people desired by him/her. They also tell, in a more abstract way, how one should behave if he or she wants to be respected, accepted and venerated by the society. Old fashioned values even guide someone’s actions to help him/her gain in . . .

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