Why it’s important to overcome barriers in life

Jimmy Mosley September 11, 2019

Overcoming obstacles – Reviewing key importance

It’s always difficult to cope with barriers in life but they often act as triggers for one to keep trying. When one is facing problems consistently in his or her life, the self-esteem starts to erode. But when one decides to move forward from a hopeless and negative situation, and to overcome barriers in h . . .

Why one needs to set goals as high as the sky?

Jimmy Mosley September 4, 2019

Reviewing key necessities of setting yourself high goals

There’s a common phenomenon that comes with working without having goals. One starts working and keeps on doing it for some time, and then motivation begins to wane. Having goals that one can visualize and focus on helps the person to better connect with his/her inner desires, and gives him/her the . . .

How to maximize the power of true commitment?

Jimmy Mosley August 28, 2019

Commitment – Key steps to stay true to it

True commitment is often ignored by people. In today’s modern society, people often tend to take the shortcuts to achieve something. With so much available right at their fingertips, they’re often programmed to take the easy and quick path to attain their goals. However, proper commitment can be considered as . . .

How to accept change wholeheartedly

Jimmy Mosley August 21, 2019

Reviewing ways of accepting change gracefully

People don’t want to change because they don’t want to leave the comfort to which they’ve become highly accustomed. From the fear of failing to that of uncertainty – reasons behind this may vary a lot. When it comes to accepting change wholeheartedly, one’s mind gets flooded with a lot of thoughts that . . .

Tale of a single parent’s wisdom

Jimmy Mosley August 14, 2019

Wisdom for single mothers – Key things you always wanted to know

Everyone knows that parents need to work together to ensure a good future for their children. But what happens when a single parent (mother) has no other person to depend upon? This may be the situation of millions of single parent mothers, but it doesn’t ensure a gloomy future for their c . . .

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