The Drill Sergeant Is My Dad

Jimmy Mosley April 17, 2019

Being a son to a drill sergeant

I served as a drill sergeant for two years in Fort Benning, Georgia. I wanted to become one anyway. This desire took root because many years ago, I experienced a military-like upbringing. We were cadets and the drill sergeant is my dad.

But don’t get me wrong. I never met my father. I was told that a massive stroke ended . . .

My Unforgettable Ram in the Bush

Jimmy Mosley April 10, 2019

Second chances are prized opportunities—blessings in disguise that rescue us during crucial times

Times were tough when I was growing up on a plantation in Southern Mississippi. My six siblings and I were raised by a single mother who was the strongest and most hardworking woman I ever knew. Being born into poverty, we . . .

Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Jimmy Mosley April 3, 2019

Conquer difficulties with these testimonies of faith

Whenever we wake up in the morning, what immediately comes into our mind? God’s graces or our problems? Sadly, most people are burdened by their problems in life: poverty, discrimination, unjust treatment, and their lives only revolve around these negativities. We are tempted to give up, forget everythi . . .

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