Twists of faith and the role of motivation and perseverance

Jimmy Mosley August 7, 2019

Reviewing the importance to keep striving

It’s easy to give up faith as people go. Often, things can get extremely discouraging. From rejections to adverse situations to life-changing occurrences – a lot of things that can propel one to lose faith. But does it mean one shouldn’t keep striving? The answer is a strict “no”.

Twists of faith is mor . . .

How I managed to inspire students to have faith

Jimmy Mosley July 31, 2019

Key ways to inspire students to have faith

What does it actually mean to have faithful students? Does it mean they’ll be able to figure out everything on their own? It means they’ll be empowered with their inner wisdom and will be able to deal with challenges. It develops resilience in them together with a sense of capability as students learn how much . . .

Humanity is not based on different ethnicities

Jimmy Mosley July 24, 2019

Why humanity should never be based on different races?

While different ethnicities do exist, they aren’t any different from the species called humans. It’s also true that race may not be a part of biology, but racism can surely affect human’s biology, the society, and above all, humanity.

Even though human’s DNA is similar, they look very differe . . .

Why should everyone inspire students to have faith?

Jimmy Mosley July 17, 2019

Having faith as student – Reviewing the importance

There’re some people who don’t trust things that cannot be seen by them. They often explain things only through causes and effects. As a result, they fail to find those small miracles in life that happen and work in their favor on a constant basis. It’s only complete faith that can help one live his . . .

How to encourage kids to do responsible things?

Jimmy Mosley July 10, 2019

Helping kids finding strength – Reviewing key ways

People try to raise their kids with a Biblical perspective, but fail often. As a matter of fact, sometimes children need a little nudge to discover their inner strength and step out of their comfort zone. It’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to help the children in finding strength. Once foun . . .

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